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2001-06-03 17:45:44 (UTC)

Summer Details

Its summer time! And I am bored already. I took a
babysitting class so that I can babysit for people, and
Gina knows some she will recommend me to. So, I am waiting
for that to take off.......
Next...I am trying to get a pool! A POOL! I really want a
pool, just a portable one, 4 ft. deep, just to soak in, and
stuff. And I also want the new Jessica Simpson CD. So...to
get these things I need to either bribe my mother, or earn
some money...And $Babysitting$ seems like the best way to
So....I also turned down the asst. swim teacher job. It is
too much work, and I dont want to be there from 8:30 to
5:30 EVERY day this summer. So.....none of that crap for me
this year, as much as I do enjoy it.
As for partying every night, chillin with friends every
day.....oh yeah, thats going on too. I went with Amanda to
the Babysitting class, and Jessica and Erika came over one
day....but thats it for friends...besides walks with Emily,
and the popstars marathon party with Emily also.
I have given up hope on Liana. I think we burned each other
out this past year. She doesnt want to see me, and I dont
want to see her. So there you have it, we are avoiding each
But that sort of sucks because she has a pool, and is the
only one I hung out with during the summers, cuz she lives
just down the street. So does Emily, but, you know how much
Emily likes to get out and do stuff....shed rather be at
home, watching TV, then at the mall wtih me...
So here I am. Terry is in Tucson, and I miss her. We are
going to see the Mummy 2 together on tuesday (or maybe
tomorrow). And thats all I have planned. Sounds like an
exciting summer, dont you think???
ok, ok, so I am already searching the net for cheap tickets
to Houston, so I can go visit Jenny. I just need to be out
of here.....its like.......
When we went to Albq. I learned a lot about Roman. We
talked and he finally came off as the cool, neat person I
new he was, deep down, under all the popularity and tuff
guy attitude.
He told me that he is only popular because he beat so many
people up, and they feared him, rather than respected him,
and he wished it was the other way around. That is very
cool, dont you think? He said that he is freaking out
inside, because everythign is crazy. Home is always crazy,
and every since he can remember, he has been traveling down
here every so often. Its like his freedom, his way of
destressing, and he starts getting a little nuts if he
doesnt get to come down here.
So thats how I feel. Only I need to get OUT of here! I need
to get to Houston, Albq, Salt Lake City,
anywhere but here...


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