2001-06-03 17:12:46 (UTC)


being in love is like being on a rollercoaster ride. im
officially with matthias now, since 2 weeks or so.. (i know
i havent been writing here) and sometimes i miss him so
much.. it's horrid especially when we have school(he's in a
different school) coz my schedule is completely different
than mine,which means we only really get to see each other
during the weekends. i get so worried sometimes when i
think about him. he drinks a lot at parties, and i keep on
thinking what if he fools around with another girl? i mean
it's not like he's mentally concious of what he's doing.
and the other day, E.R. told me that matthias isnt faithful
enough and i shldnt be too dependent on him. dunno if it's
true but.. i hope not coz i'll get really hurt if it is.
E.R. may be saying that just so that i'll.. i dunno but i
did reject E.R. the last time, so he may just be getting
back on me. ARGH!

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