It smells like poop over here
2002-05-05 05:40:01 (UTC)

drink the madness, smoke so coy;

serum of a will destroyed. davy havoc is one cool dude, but
he writes some fucked up lyrics, like check out the lyrics
for "last caress" by AFI, it's crazy go nuts.
im a badass on my trampoline, i can backflip, front
flip, split legged back flap, angel moonsault, 450 splash,
shooting star press, and back flip, land then 450. i rule.
i've been pretty pissed at giulia over the last few
days, i've seen her everyday for like...almost 2 weeks.
it's like an overload or something. like ill make plans
with lauren, and she'll come along. but im just really sick
of her always putting me down. she could be joking, but i
never pull out shit against her. she's always saying im
stupid, white trash and makes fun of me cause im dutch. i
could burn her so bad. she's all like "i'm vegetarian" yet
she eats chicken all the time and meat sauce the other day.
says she doesn't smoke, but then she does, but she really
doesn't cause she pretty much just holds a cig in her
fuckin hand. she exaggerates a little much that it's to the
point where she's just lying. "i play bass." fuckin, no you
don't, you PLAYED bass fuckin clarinet. "i'm italian, i
don't eat restaurants 'pasta', im a fuckin know it all
cause im italian, and you wouldn't know cause your dutch."
your a stubborn bitch, not that smart (D's in spanish) and
only a fuckin quarter italian, next to your stupid, druken
fighter. (canadian, irish and scotish). "im attractive" not
really, not when you have to shave the hair on your face.
folks, i try to be modest, just so i don't seen
overconfident, or cocky. but im not stupid, im not white
trash and im not that bad looking. my guy friends even
think so. but giulia has a real problem, i think she tells
herself stuff just so she doesn't feel like shit. "im
cooler than that" no your not. "im cuter than she is."
that's where your wrong, id take a toned, blonde hungarian
whose nice to me over a purpled hair, poser punk "italian"
bitch. "cause im smart" yeah, that's why i did better in
high school than you did, and that's why im in college my
first year out, cause i didn't apply to schools i knew i
couldn't get into.
other than that, she's pretty cool.


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