Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-05-05 05:32:01 (UTC)

Just Sum Shit I Gotz Ta Say

i've mostly been writing poemz dat express all my
thoughtz...now i'm gonna try just tellin' dem straight
up...uhh lemme see where do i start..

i've been under a lot of stress lately bcuz i've been
lettin' dis guy get to my head. i hate up when dis happenz.
he sayz he likez me but i dunno if tellin' da truth or
not...i wish i could read his mind. thingz would be sooo
much easier, but i guess dat is impossible. now he tellz me
he likez my friend..which is good for her but more
compitition for me (haha i kno ur readin' dis). i dunno if
he is just anotha challenge to me or if i really do like
him, but i think if this is just anotha "challenge" it just
mite be outta my reach...wouldn't dat just 'bout suck? i
hate how i am neva satisfied when i get wut i want...most
of my boyfriendz so far have ended up boring me. mayb i'm
too pickly. oh well i aint gonna lower my standardz...i'm
hopin' dis guy i like now would only give me a chance..but
i dunno i may have to move on..i'm done for now!