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2001-06-03 16:02:49 (UTC)

Prolly the longest shit Ill ever write

Well, this is the first entry to lemme tell you about my
screwed up life... First of all, my friend JoAnny (yes from
VJ for a Day) inspired me to get this diary... U can check
out hers... (Joanny16) 1)It gives me a place to tell people
whats goin on instead of telling all my damn secrets to
those back stabbing bitches that cant keep their mouths
closed if their life depended on it... sometimes I call
them friends... Newayz! Reason number 2 is that my life
should be interesting to some of you if youre bored or if
youre jus so damn boring that your life is the typical
parents are married golden retriever white picket fence 2.5
kids kind of shit that nobody even has nemore so nevr
mind. But anyway... Im 13 Im in the eigth grade... This is
the most ironic thing ive evr seen The internet is so damn
stupid. They take the most private thing, a diary... &
corrupt it into a fucking open display for whoever in the
hell wants to read the dumb shit, as if anybodt even
CARES! But anyway, lemme tell you about my fucked up
family & then youll see why im such an angry young girl.
Well I was born on 9 29 87 in an army hospital in denver.
about a year & a half later, my dumbass for a father got
shipped off to sum tiny ass island in the middle of nowhere
calld Johnston Island. Me & my mom couldnt go cuz u have 2
work for the government to live there. well while my dad
was ther, bn the man that he is, he fuked sum ugly ass
bitch & they "fell n love" yeah.... my ass! newayz, my
dad divorced my mom & by the way, she had another baby
while he was gone... he got her pregnant again before he
went to gilligans island to screw up our whole life.
neway, my mom moved back to cincinnati where she grew up so
her parents could help her raise her 2 1/2 year old & her
infant. my dad moved to indiana with his new wife. well
my mom found a new love, Tony. He was an Italian sailor
and a damn funny drunk. They were ingaged till she found
out he had another life... He left her for a nasty bleach
bottle blonde bitch and they had a baby 2gether. My mom
moved on & became a barfly w/ mad ass b/f's I practically
lived w/ my grandparents. So my mom goes out evry nite
while i stay w/ my granny & pops. it got to the point
where i would scream & cry and have a 5 year olds nervous
breakdown when I had 2 go home. I guess thats where my
issues started. Well I had 2 go see my dad evry other
weekend in indianaopolis & by the time I was 6 I had a new
half sister... Lauren. By this time my dad had been
stationed in Alaska & I saw him evry summer. By the way,
Alaska is a freezing barren wasteland hell hole. Neway...
when I was about 7, my fav. great grandma died & i was so
depressed, i had never lost nybodt that close to me. then
Tony died because him & his wife had gotten drunk & passed
out n their house & their christmas lights caught on fire.
them & their daughter died of smoke inhalation. Needless 2
say, we wer poor neway w/ no dad and we didnt really hav a
christmas that year. well time went on & my dad moved to
oklahoma where i saw him on special occasions. Him & my
step mom divorced when my sister was about 4 & he moved to
Ohio & got out of the army in 1999-200. I broke my knee in
99 & havent been able to play basketball since, the only
thing that kept me from losing my mind. I guess after
havin a life so un organized i found safety in sports.
Well in the fifth grade I went into the "gifted" class and
my popularity went right to hell in a hand basket. My dad
moved 2 Ohio in 7th grade & my mom met a new guy. He was a
total asshole and I hate him. Well neway, after knowing
this jerk for a whopping 6 months... way too go mom!! they
got married on new years day 2000. my mom was prego. she
had my baby sister Alyssa Lynn on April 6, 2000. Her &
steve broke up & I went to my retreat, my great aunts half
million dollar house in beautiful tuscon arizona. I laid
by the pool by day shopped then chilled in the hot tub all

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