My life explained by me
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2002-05-05 04:53:43 (UTC)

What is this shit?

Well today is my first entry. Woohoo! i'm just a regular 16 year old
guy.I live in Edmond Oklahoma, Its an okay place.Well anyways I've
been kinda worried about my damn AP euro tests. I got up
this morning and got ready for the mock. I go through the
multiple choice alright, dbq alright, 1st free response not
that good, 2nd just shit. haha. I had no fuckin clue what
to write, so i wrote so shit down and said fuck it. Nothin
really else happened today, i sat around played on the
computer a little bit, watched tv, went outside and shot
some hoops. I dont really know why i'm doing this, but
maybe same day in like 20 years they'll still have this
shit up and i'll be able to remember my memories. YAY! i
could really use some weed or some cigs right now.
Supposedly, i'm getting a pipe from kevin monday. but shit
i dunno. I better start studying for that ap test friday,
or i'm seriously fucked. This has been a pretty shitty
weekend.damn. i want a g/f. thats what i need a g/f. I
would really like to date Olivia Dudley. god shes so hot.
but i dunno, shes really nice, and omg her voice is so
sexy. i could fuck her brains out. hmm... and there was
that one time she asked me to share a book with her hahaa.
alright whatever, its late, i gotta get up tomorrow. i'm
out peace. anyways if anyone reads this and has aol or aim, IM me

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