The Shadow of Myself
2002-05-05 04:38:00 (UTC)

bare walls.. and empty halls....

So I was walking around today and this is what I saw and
didn't see. I saw a lot of dust creatures on the floor
crawling around. I saw empty beds and bare walls. I saw
overflowing trash cans and closed doors. I saw lights off
and windows closed. I saw no people expecially not my
friends whom I miss soo much already. I saw boxes and
rolled up carpet. I saw broken furniture and dirty
dishes. All those things trail our year. The year we
shared together in the same place on the same floor. What
is left is no match for what we gained.

It's the weirdest thing to walk down the hallway and see
all of my friends doors closed. The difference between the
doors being closed now is, they're not my friends rooms
anymore and nobody is behind them.

Moving out is crap...