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2002-05-05 02:09:00 (UTC)

My Boys

I had a wonderful time today and spent it in different ways
with my boys.

Jack and I emailed each other several times today. When he
first went off to university he signed his emails Jack. Now
he signs them Love, Jack. Sometimes he adds Take Care or
Miss You. He's funny and delightful. I know he's happy but
there are times I really miss him.

I spent several hours with Owen this afternoon. It's Mom's
Weekend. We saw some other kids he knows and their Moms
too. He gave me a couple of hugs. That really felt nice!
We joked and kidded around and had fun. I know he's having
a great time and learning lots and really growing up.

It's tough to throw those baby birds out of the nest. You
hope there are no hungry cats waiting around. That if they
fall they'll fall in soft new grass. That they'll figure out
how to make those wings work and just soar!

I bantered this morning with Gavin as he was getting ready
to go see Jessica. They're going out to dinner tonight.
He's witty. He also fixed my printer in about two minutes;
it had been frustrating John like crazy yesterday afternoon.
Like his brothers, he loves to tease me too. In just a few
short months off he'll go too, into the big real world with
his older brothers.

And Hugh. My baby. Okay, okay. He's sixteen. Not a baby
any longer. He looked so handsome tonight in his black
slacks and khaki shirt and black tie. His date, Heidi, was
wearing a black beaded dress with a white lace shawl so the
white rose corsage I picked out was perfect. What a great
looking couple! Her Mom drove them to the pizza parlour and
after that they're off the prom. Home by midnight, the
witching hour!

I'm reminded of the story John's great-Aunt Moira (who was
called Marie because no one could pronounce her name) told
me just after John and I married. She had five brothers
--the Lloyd boys-- and she was the youngest and only girl.
She said she remembered when she was just a little tyke
sitting on the staircase watching all her brothers in the
hallway getting their coats and hats as they readied to go
out on the town on a Saturday night. She recalled their
excited talking and laughter and how oh so quiet it was when
they were all gone.

All five boys died in or because of injuries during World
War I. One was Jack, the namesake of our Jack. He had one
son named John (my father-in-law) and died when that son was
not yet five years old. That John had one son also named
John, who is now my husband. Now again, there are Lloyd
brothers. And even though I am their mother, I still say the
world is a better place for it.