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2001-06-03 13:48:10 (UTC)

about me

this is just a little thing to tell you about me so you
know where i am comeing from my mom and dad have been
divorced since i was born and my dad got remarried to galie
who had 2 boys already from before marages ( yes pluarl) my
mom got remarried to gary ( who should burn in hell for
eternity you will find out why later) then my mom had
philip (out in az)daniel (in ia) jamie(in ia) my dad and my
step mom got divorced but i still saw her and my step-bros
for about 3 years then she said she didnt want to see me
any more my mom dicied to move to ca with my step dad i
didnt want to go but she didnt listen to me so i rasied
hell out there and she sent me back to live with my dad my
dad had gotn remarried to my step mom millissa she is
pritty cool(moody sometimes) but cool i didnt like west so
i transferid to woodrow where i got into alot of trouble i
think that was the point where i started you sprial down i
got in to fights and i got in to self mutalation my dad
found out told me not to do it i said i wouldnt but i still
kept it up i went back to west and after 2 days i skiped
school and ran away with 2 friends and i called my dad at
8:00 that night and he got me to let him pick me up my dad
is probly the best person in my life when i got back i
wrote sucide out of the dictionary and mr. m fliped so my
dad came and took me to the hospital i had to be a in there
for 5 days then i went to the partial program there is when
i finly told some one about how i was sexulaly molested and
we now have filed a case aginst my step dad i knkow that it
was the right thing to do but i still regret it tons i mean
what is it going to do to my bros and my sis but then agin
it could be happening to them and if you are reading this
and it has happended to you tell some one people want to
help i got told i had depprestion they relised me and for
the like 3 months that i have been out i have stayed out of
any and all trouble and it is hard with the peer prsser but
i have fugered out if people are going to make you feel bad
about doing something that you know is right then they
can't cosider them self friends well i have to go to my
grandmas to day i will write tomarrow
sloppy kisses