If the Truth be Told...
2002-05-05 01:39:48 (UTC)

On the other side of the veil

Since my last entry, I have gone to jail, lost my husband
to Minnesota and the judicial system, now my BABY is going
through his trial by fire with the fucking law! I pray that
GOD saves us all from the arms of Death and Destuction-
Then, I lost my greatest love to...someone else and her
living arrangements. Except, as of this day, no one has
seen him. I last saw him on 8 April when he, with that
mouth that has kissed my lips, told me that he was living
with someone- an older woman- and they were trying to "have
something". I was homicidal AND suicidal all at once. I
spent the rest of the night in a marijuana haze and in Wes'
arms bawling my eyes
Peter, if you could feel for an instant the love
I have for you in my heart, you could truly never leave. I
did not do a good job of letting you know that you were
more to me than a piece of
Dear God, please make all this pain and heartache
vanish forever. Clear our paths. Bring my love back to me.
Help us to grow up and know that our walk is with each
other on THIS side of the veil.