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2001-06-03 12:53:00 (UTC)

03/06/01 - 10:39PM

Greetings and Salutations from my first cyber cafe. I am
bored. Very very bored... Everyone else is up in their
rooms working on ugggghhh work stuff LOL... SOI ventured
all the way across the road from the hotel, all by myself
to sit here and write this.

I have been a ball of emotions all day, mainly exhaustion,
now fueled by Bacardi Wine And Kahlua...LOL... not all in
one glass... One for each course of the dinner :)

I am currently trying to get into my email account.. ouch..
not working. I want to write to people, I am lacking
communication at the moment. I am sick of just the people I
work with, and dammit that spunky electrician at the
exhibition *I am a poet* won't pay attention to me!! Just
kidding, I have not tried to talk to anybody like that
*grin* Those who know me... well believe what you want!

I miss my MSN friends :) Hi Rose... I wish I missed my
boyfriend... he rings me twice a day, maybe he could give
me a *chance* to miss him?? Maybe I could if I had the
opportunity. Nah, it is too far gone for that. I will have
to start looking for a place when I get home... I am
dreading it, but it just has to be done. In spite of
telling him over and over I don't want to be there, he is
still making plans for "our future".

I wonder how much money I will spend in here... Sitting her
on hot or ot looking at all the dorks who want to meet me,
I will click yes to anyone tonight, I am lonely.

Dagnamit, the email STILL won't work...

Well maybe I should end this before I get stupid... LMAO
too late... As my grandfather used to say, or was it my
dad? ...


"Too late! Too late she cried, waving her wooden leg" -
What the fuck does that mean??????A