Ossian O'Faolian

Red Eyed Devil
2001-06-03 10:05:36 (UTC)

my philosophy of life, and all related subjects...

Hello there all you who are unfortunate enough to
stumble across my little project here... I am going to tell
my story to you people, it will be mixed with short mental
notes I consider my philosophy on things... to maybe help
you get a better perspective on my state of mind. I am a
white male, 25 years old now.. Blond hair, blue eyes.. I
have tattoos on most of my body.. and I wear a long goatee.
I dress very nice, almost preppy.. As you read. picture me
like this as I described above.. But for now I am a little
boy, a baby... My mother was sent into premature labor
almost two months early because my father kicked her in the
stomach. nice guy I guess... I have never met him. My
mother says that I could fit in the palm of her hand when I
was born. But after all that she went back to my father
with me.. I spent two months in a incubator.. Well
according to the story my mother got tired of the shit one
day and flipped out on my dad, scared the hell out of him,
and she took off..with me of course.. I dont remember much
from then, I was a baby.. so well skip onto the next period
of my life.. the step dad steps in the pic.. My mom met a
man that hung around with her brother, one thing to
another, they hook up.. I loved it, I had a male role
model, almost had a dad.. I remember one day I was riding
around on the boyfriends shoulders and I asked him.."Will
you be my daddy?" Kinda shocked the hell outta
everyone..But guess it worked.. They got married and a
couple years later I got adopted by him. My stepdad was in
the service, and got stationed in Louisiana..So off to the
south we went.. I do not have a bad memory from there...I
miss the way I felt there, innocent.. The south has a whole
different style to it..I loved it.. Well I'm stuck now
in memories..... Until tommorow Diary.......