My Journal
2001-06-03 09:26:26 (UTC)

Heyho people in the world!~

Hey, my first entry. And it's public. Much like my
emotional outbursts has been. So, what? It's highly
unlikely that some person from my high school would wind up
reading my on-line journal and paste up copies of it in
school rite? or.. maybe I should be cautious.. what the
heck! I don't give much ass about it.

Here I am wondering how can holidays be so damn boring?!
I'm stuck at home for a whole week, my mom won't let me out
that much this year since I will be taking a very important
exam later this year. I know I should be studying but I'm
just too damn lazy!

Anyone out there know any tips on effective studying for
the lazy people? No, guess not.

But there's one thing I'm not lazy about. Writing. I LOVE
writing. Be it poetry or fiction, I just get this crazy
ideas and my hands just itch to jot it down. Like, once I
thought up a poem about the mind of an evil person. None of
my school friends understood the poem and I didn't expect
them to. Its just that, I like to think of my writing is
paying attention to my other sides. At school, I'm this
cheerful, hypergiggly girl. People seem to under estimate
my ability to think mean or evil. They expect me to be so
single-minded. So, what's wrong with writing grave,
negative fictions or poetry? What's wrong if they don't
understand me completely? I like being complicated.

The thing is, boys my age down here just don't like
complicated girls. They want a girlfriend who is simple and
easy to bring around; like a doll for them to dress-up as
they like it. Teenage boys are so materialistic!! To them,
outer beaauty is priority before inner beauty..

Tell me I'm wrong and proove it, please.