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2002-05-04 22:18:04 (UTC)

There NOT called GUYS nemore there called GAY

all guys are guys exspecially brant!! i hate him he is the
gayest asshole on this earth..ok last night he decides that
he wants to go out w/ the most uglyiest girl that goes to
GBMS!! shes in 6th grade, she has no boobs, no butt, her
teeth has gaps between them, she looks like she hasnt taken
a shower in like a week and shes just UGLY shes one of
those girls i felt sry for so i talked to her..well now
there going out and she says that i said i didn't care.
BULLSHIT ya i care, and im going to care. brant is such a
jerk! he dosetn care how i feel at all, he hooks up w/ me
then turns around and he asks out the next grl in sight
thats so damn ugly!! well im talking to danny and he is asking me all
this stuff....heres the convo so far

g2g SugarPlumXxOo: guess waht!!
Sk8er Oam2: wat?
SugarPlumXxOo: i wanan go to tahiti!!!
SugarPlumXxOo: right now!!!
Sk8er Oam2: haha
SugarPlumXxOo: jk
SugarPlumXxOo: so whats up
SugarPlumXxOo: 2night was probably the last night you'll see me!!
Sk8er Oam2: y
SugarPlumXxOo: bc im not going sk8n nemore
Sk8er Oam2: sure
Sk8er Oam2: y not
SugarPlumXxOo: bc sk8n is gay and theres not point n going nemore
Sk8er Oam2: u can go and see me
SugarPlumXxOo: ya
SugarPlumXxOo: true
SugarPlumXxOo: but theres other ppl that i cant see!!
Sk8er Oam2: u can also see brant
SugarPlumXxOo: no bc his w/ LAUREN
SugarPlumXxOo: stastasta studder
SugarPlumXxOo: sydney says hey!!
Sk8er Oam2: ooo
SugarPlumXxOo: u could say hey back
Sk8er Oam2: oo sry hey syd.
Sk8er Oam2: mines in like two
SugarPlumXxOo: omg did u hear what jamie was saying to brant??
SugarPlumXxOo: that was wrong..see i wouldnt even do he
Sk8er Oam2: about crossdressing
SugarPlumXxOo: ya
SugarPlumXxOo: did neone find meghans fone??
Sk8er Oam2: wat does like he care meen
Sk8er Oam2: nope
SugarPlumXxOo: o wait im going sk8n 2morow so u best go
SugarPlumXxOo: like he cares what i think..he never has cared about
SugarPlumXxOo: aww im sry
Sk8er Oam2: for wat
SugarPlumXxOo: meghans fone
SugarPlumXxOo: im happy 4 ya danny
Sk8er Oam2: thanks
SugarPlumXxOo: uhh i hate gb i cant wait till i can go to my
Sk8er Oam2: no u dont
SugarPlumXxOo: yea i do
SugarPlumXxOo: im so leaving
SugarPlumXxOo: tonight just pushed me off i cant stay here
Sk8er Oam2: yes u can
SugarPlumXxOo: no i cant
SugarPlumXxOo: trust me
Sk8er Oam2: u will get ova it
SugarPlumXxOo: yea right
SugarPlumXxOo: i wish
SugarPlumXxOo: ya ill get over it in nashville...and come on ne
place can be better than gb!
Sk8er Oam2: can b but isn't
Sk8er Oam2: i really like meaghan
SugarPlumXxOo: trust me for me it is.....awwwwwww danny
SugarPlumXxOo: i like brett
SugarPlumXxOo: but not really
Sk8er Oam2: williams
SugarPlumXxOo: ya he is actually nice to me unlike sum ppl
Sk8er Oam2: do u like brant
SugarPlumXxOo: no
SugarPlumXxOo: i love brant
SugarPlumXxOo: but he dosent understand that
Sk8er Oam2: im nice
SugarPlumXxOo: i know ur nice!!!!
Sk8er Oam2: he really understands
SugarPlumXxOo: no he dosent
SugarPlumXxOo: ok if he did danny he wouldnt do the shit he does w/
SugarPlumXxOo: and turn aroudn and go outw/ her
Sk8er Oam2: yes he does
Sk8er Oam2: he is right here beside me thinking about everything u
SugarPlumXxOo: no he dosent!!! if he did i think he would show it!!!
he dosent understand how much i love him he dosent care and he'll
NEVER feel the same way
SugarPlumXxOo: o0o
Sk8er Oam2: trust me he understands
SugarPlumXxOo: no he dosent
SugarPlumXxOo: no u dont!!
SugarPlumXxOo: w/e if he understood he wouldnt do the things he does
and would actually give me a chance

and right after that i got kicked off and brant was saying how im hsi
best friend and he loves me and he is sry but thats all he wants and
all he wants to do is make me hapy and all this shit, i dont know
what i should do..should i believe him? i mean he has been sayign
this crap forever now! and he never goes on it..