my entity
2002-05-04 19:04:20 (UTC)

:: sHocKeD LaTeR eNjOyEd ::

Stressed and wasted, on my way home this Saturday morning a certain
guy suddenly dragged me and threatened me that he's gonna rob me
(shocked!) but before i could make any move, he smiled and said
"don't tell me you dont recognize me?" and i smiled back having
thoughts of relief...*sigh, sheessshhh*

He was a colleague of mine from one of our academic org in college,
the KATAGA (Kapatiran ng Talino at Galing), our university's honors'
society. after a few "kamustahan" and "balitaan" (meaning
hello's, news and stories), i asked him if he still visits the KATAGA
office and mentioned to him that I plan to go there so to inquire
about the procedures about taking up a Post or say Masteral degree
(coz i have been thinking about this a lot lately)....

Though his response was somewhat cynical, it became an eye opener for
me not to pursue with my plans anymore. he said that its not that
helpful to study again since we learn by applications and practice
(after all, this is one of my basic principle : People Learn Things
By Doing ). i think this is basically correct...coz in school you
just learn more on about the theories of a certain subject, it is
when we do things that we discover how is it really going.

Soon at home, I was pissed off coz I cant sleep. Fortunately, I
manage to do so for at least a couple of hours since I will be
meeting a friend (Sol) to watch "Spiderman" and buy something for
myself taking advantage of the Mega Sale at SM Megamall. The movie
was nice, cool and kinda realistic I should say. Spiderman is a
genetically acquired super hero I conclude since he became powerful
just when a spider byte him. I bet that this movie will soon have its
"Part 2"! Why is that? go watch and figure it out why! LOLz I ought
myself a denim pants and a pair of silver earings then arrived at the
office (again?) early. I can say that I enjoyed.

Now I gotta get back to work, finish my loads efficiently and be in
church after.

quite a heavy day, isn't it?

3:05 AM

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