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2001-06-03 06:23:20 (UTC)

Another day

Well, here I am again. What am I going to do with my life?
All my friends are settling down in universities,
apparently having a great time. What am I doing here in
school??! Indecision about life. Are studies all life is
about? I spent my schooling life studying hard, working my
ass off (not really) but still putting in a lot of effort
but look at what kind of person I have turn out to be. All
those straight A's so far have not brought me to what I
want in life.

Actually, I don't want anything in life. More accurately, I
don't want life. But I am still stuck here for now as I
can't get my chickened self to do anything about it. What's
going to happen to me? I have enrolled myself in one of the
toughest course where I feel like we are treated like dirt
(of course, this is my opinion) and I have no inkling nor
interest to pursue anything for my future. I don't feel
like studying anymore and yet I have to.

School will reopen in a few days time and I do nothing but