? :: connie ::?

:: inside my mind ::
2001-06-03 05:31:40 (UTC)

:: i wish ::

i wish
i could be a part in your world
so i can enjoy
the best things
or even the worst ones
in life
with you

i wish
you let me dwell
and give me a little room
in your heart
so i can feel
all the joy
and happiness
you have

i wish
i were your dreams coming true
as it till make mine
become a reality, too

i wish
i could make you
the happiest person
in this world
so you won't ask
nothing else
and you can tell anyone
"she's all i need,
and i'm thankful to God
for finding her
for me"

i wish
you could face the future
with me
coz i'm looking for someone
just like you
to grow old with me

:: c.o.n.n.i.e ::
1152 am gmtplus7