My diary
2002-05-04 17:09:07 (UTC)

A typical Saturday Morning

Sittign here. Trying to deal with typical little sister.
Latest edition of the Times not out yet. Typical saturday

Last night was good, though. Home alone for like 5 hours.
Blasted the music. Ate one heck of a greasy supper. Drank a
large slurpie. My god it was good! (However, that has
resulted in my dad not being the only person who has a

It's all good, though...seeign as the big party is tonight.
The sad thing however, is that we can't go walk around
tonight....and I'm surprised that my mom is even letting me
go, seeing as she was standing there when I had quite the
interesting conversation with my Sister.

Me"I'm going to a party Saturday night"
Mom:"You are?"
Me:"Kat's (a.k.a. Hibert)
Sister:"How long is it?"
Me:"From 7-11"
Sister:"At night?
Sister"Holy! What are you guys gonna do?"
Me: "I dunno. We probably won't go walking around after
dark though, seeing as Kat lives where she does."
Sister:"Why not?"
Me: "'Cuz we don't wanna be rapped!"

That was the end of that conversation. I think though, that
my friends are starting to get mad at me, seeing as I have
been hanging out more with the dudes. Hey, it's not my
fault I'm the only chick in the world who can't skip! (And
the fact that I am PMSing is not helping!)

Well anyway, I have homework to do tommorow, which is a
dreadful shame, seeing as I shoudl be ging to see the
Spiderman movie. Does Roger Ebert like anything? I like all
the movie's he gives bad reviews, which means I am
probably too easy going, or maybe I might be a little
crazy, mind you only top therapists could figure out.

I wish i coudl rid of the major sits and bruises I have all
over me. I wish I could be a boy magnet. No, I don't.
Guys's are assholes, well most of the time anyway. But I
still don't wanna die a virgin...or worse...unkissed!