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2001-06-03 05:22:45 (UTC)

Gotta hate those familial bonds.......

why does it seem like i'm the only one with normal parents?

ok, so i don't speak to one of them..... that isn't
important, the one i do speak to is quite decent.....


Christine's parents (or to be more specific, her mother)
treats her like shit.... she drives her daughter towards an
unatainable and totally unrealistic goal of perfection....
no one is perfect and her mother doesn't seem to realize
this. i can honestly say i greatly dislike her mother,
borderline hate even.... i really can't help disliking
anyone that hurts someone i care for.... and i greatly care
for christine.... christine is constantly set upon by fits of
melodrama and has a rather low self esteem.... all of which
i can blame on her mother.... Christine refuses to realize
how beautiful she is or how sweet or how much fun she is to
have around and i don't think she realizes how much i care
for her..... everytime she speaks badly about herself or
threatens to end her life my heart is stricken..... i feel
sorry for her and i feel bad because even my best isn't
enough to bring her from the depths that she has been cast
into.... but i will keep trying....

Liz's parents..... i'm not going to even get started on

Daisy's mother treats him like a servant.... his father is
gone.... i believe he left a very long time ago and his
mother is trying to forget he existed..... daisy just
happens to be a link to him and i think she is trying to
get rid of that link.... his sisters are the favorites, by
far and he is treated with a minimum of respect and
decency.... but again nothing can really be done about
that, but at least he is leaving that house soon....
although now his mom says he can't go to san fransisco
because there will be too many distractions from his
studies..... *rolls eyes in exasperation* how sad is that???

And then there is ceely's mom..... grrrrr..... she is
making this very difficult..... i'm touched by ceely's
reason for not wanting to risk her mother's wrath... i
really am, it makes me feel loved to know she actually
values my company (i still don't understand why)..... but
it is still irritating that ceely can't make herself go
around her mother.... i understand the difficulty though,
but when we are prevented from doing things because she
can't find a good excuse for her mother it really peeves
me..... i think my solution to that is easy though.....
from this moment i swear to myself (how long i can stay
strong is another matter entirely) that i will neither
suggest or invite any occasion to do something with
ceely.... i'll just go along with other's plans.... that
way the problem won't present itself and i won't feel any
disapointment or irritation..... *sigh* how depressing....

i hate parents..... some of them even return the favor.....

Everyday is another toss of the dice.

~~Fortis Exaequo Vita~~