Diary of Me...
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2002-05-04 16:35:14 (UTC)

Damn Baby!

Well! It's about time I update.. nothing really has
happened... Last night I was suppose to go to "Battle of
the Bands" with Chemaine, but she didn't feel good.. so I
just stayed home and took care of the "baby". It's not a
real baby.. it's something I have to do for school. It's a
doll.. and it cries like.. every few hours so you have to
stick a key into a hole in it's back. It woke me up 3 times
last night!! Dammit! I'm tiired. But, besides the doll, all
I did was go online and watch a movie. Yepppp... Chemaine
finally has her computer back!! Yay!! La De Da... I have to
call Chemaine soon.. to see if she's coming with me to the
band practice.. This DAMN thing is gonna ruin my
weekenddd.. well... not like I had much planned anyways..
Ahh.. *update* Chemaine is not coming with me today.. I was
going to callz Becca too. she'll come with me! Hmmmm I
shall be going.. Call Becca and whatever! Laytaaaaaa!