The Muffin Man

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2002-05-04 15:28:46 (UTC)

Band Trip, Spiderman, And Dare Walk

Yeah a lots happened since i last wrote. Im a busy man.
I'll start with the band trip. So much fun. I roomed with
Anthony Watson, Matt Wasson, and Joe Fulginitie. We played
nintendo a lot at night. Durning the day we went shopping
and walked on the beach. It was fun. We also marched in a
parade and get 2nd. In performance and sight reading
symphonic band got 1st for both. We swept 21 trophys
between all the groups. The last day we were there was
spent at busch gardens and was lots of fun.

Spiderman is just an amazing movie. All I have to say about

Dare walk was great. Those kids were so much fun. One of
ran 10 miles!!!!! Lol. I ran one lap and was tired. Yeah
kids are great and they made fun of me about my hieght. Oh
well I dont mind.

Well thats all I have to say.

Laters all.