a dusty book in a forgotten hole
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2002-05-04 15:01:08 (UTC)

your a big boy now

well another few days ahve past. adn have done a it o
thinking... ... yes a bunch needs to be done.. my friend..a
good one meaning a lot to me. .is haveing a tough time
right now becuase of his psat.. he has always tried to help
me through my own.. and is the one making it soi can go so
a therapist next week.. yeah... i hopes hmm.. he needs to
get better more then i do rihgt now.. but i dont know i no
longer wish to attend health class.. all of this comeing
week we are talkign about suicide adn depression.. yeah..
adn we were watchign a vidoe about a girl cutting herslef
yesterday adn all the kids were laughing and makeing crude
jokes.. that kinda of thing i find twisted and uncalled
for.. i dont know.. i may jsut not go to that class all of
next week.. i will try..but i dont know how long that will
last.. yeah....

your a big boy now,you need to live; not die
your a big boy now,don't let life pass you by
your a big boy now,don't set your hopes to high
your a big boy now,but remember, its still okay to cry

hehehe.. i worry about you a bunch...


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