in ordinary daze
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2001-06-03 04:09:51 (UTC)

stuffy nose conversations

i just got back from my week long road trip for work. of
course i am sick because my sister decided to share the
cold she had the week previous.... so i just sat in front
of the tv today and decided to take it easy with braveheart
and gladiator.
i also started to think about a friend of mine- gilliam- i
dont know why- maybe because he was such a big part of my
life for 6 months- and still is. i was a dork and called
him- ive been gone for a month and i wasnt able to hold a
decent conversation with the kid for 30 min. i hate this.
why cant i just talk to him? so i am going to see how long
i can go without talking to the dork. im betting a week-
who knows. and i always laughed when he would ask me why
girls fall for asshole guys- i always told him that i never
would- but- gilliams an asshole- and i am finally realising
hopefully i can turn my focus to work- i have to do 10
sales on monday to be promoted to trainer....i can do it!!
i love this job to death- easy, im my own boss and i make
sick $$....now all i have to do is save some of it to get
my car and apartment.
i wonder if there are people out there like me...struggling
to start your life, yet wishing to hang on to a
relationship with someone miles away, who now, seems to not
have a thing in common with you....

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