the life of Me....boring huh?
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2001-06-03 03:56:01 (UTC)

He means the world to me....

Hey. Gary just left. OMG! He is my world and I think he
may realize that. he seriously is. i was thinkin about
it, i pretty much have no friends cept jackie (who is
permenantly leavin me forever) and Kevin Reedy and if it
wasn't for gary, i really have no reason for living. I
mean, yeah, my parents love me and all, but this is the
early years of my teen life and there annoying the hell
outta me now, how am i gonna put up with this till i'm 18
and can move out?!? ARG!! oh well, gary is the point of
why i'm wrinting. I love the way he can just hold me and
it all seems worth while. Today we were layin in my bed
together watchin "Ghost" and he kept leanin over and lookin
at me. i was like, what? he goes, nothin, your just so
beautiful. I didn't know what to say at that point. the
only other guy to ever say that was mark and I know he was
just tryin to get some. I actually think gary cares about
me alot. That makes me feel so great, its completely
undescribable. yeah, well imma go to bed and have sweet
dreams. Goodnight......

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