Thoughts from Blue Angel
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2001-06-03 03:47:23 (UTC)

The Guy I'm Looking For

I've spent most of the night thinking about how lonely I am. My ex
decided to tell me that he's got a "friend" spending the night
tonight. In fact, the friend was his girlfriend before me. Although
I really don't want him back or anything like that, it just makes me
really sad that after he was so "in love" with me, he's already got
someone else and here I am all alone. It's hard to explain.

Anyway, I've been looking through personals ads that I will never
reply to, even if I did find someone that fit the description of what
I'm looking for. Not that I would know, because I've never found
that. I guess it's pretty pathetic to think that there's even a
chance of finding that on Yahoo Personals. *LOL*

I guess it does do some good though, because I get a better
understanding of what I am looking for. Maybe if I describe what I
look for in a personals ad, it will be a metaphor for what I look for
in "real" life too.

First of all, the spelling and grammar has to be decent. Someone
who says that they want a "careing" girlfriend is pretty much already
skipped over.

Anytime a guy states that he wants an attractive, beautiful, or
sexy girl, I usually end up skipping those too. I have a hard time
imagining that anyone who would say that would want me. The
words "fit" or "takes care of herself" just scream to me, "I don't
want you. You're fat!" Also, any guy who is too good looking
usually registers as "Out of my League." On the other hand, I have
my standards too, so I understand these preferences I pass them over
without much thought. I wouldn't want to date an incredibly ugly or
fat guy, as shallow and hypocritical as that sounds.

Of course, two of the most common words in the world of personals
are "wild" and "adventurous." Those I am not. I'm boring.

I guess the thing is that I look to see if a guy would want me
before I think about whether I want him or not. Most the time, the
answer to the first is no.

So what do I want? I want someone who's nice looking, but not
necessarily a "hottie." He's gotta be smart, but not stuffy. Down-
to-earth and funny. Sensitive, but still masculine. Like the kind
of guy that still sleeps with a teddy bear and threatens your life if
you tell his friends. :) He's gotta have timing- knows when to be
serious and when to let loose. I want the type of guy that can learn
to understand my moods- the kind of guy that will put his arm around
my waist when I turn my back to him. (How can anyone stay mad when
they do that?) Basically, I just want a guy who'll be my best friend
who lets me know that I mean the world to them and will let me do the

Now, I bet there are a million girls out there looking for the same
thing, and a million guys with similar descriptions of what they
want. If it were really as simple as that paragraph, we'd all have
someone. I guess it's the things that we can't write in a personals
ad which are the things that are really important to us. It's the
little differences that you can't quite put your finger on.

So, I guess I'll go back to browsing some personals. Maybe I'll
finally come across that guy. But until then, I'll be waiting....