This is Growing Up.
2002-05-04 11:42:59 (UTC)

Do you believe in saving water? Yes? Well then maybe we should take a shower together...

He rode to my home in the mid-summer of the moon, his dark
hair and green eyes glistened from a distance. I looked
out of my glassy window only to hear the faint sounds of
Jimmy Eat World playing in his love-wagon. Smiling, I
jumped out of the window and ran to him. Enclosing embrace
as I breathed in every moment, we rode off to the same
music. We stopped at this coffee-shop to talk about
moments. We talked about missed boats or rather missed
opportunies. After hours of talking, "window-shopping",
and laughter. He stopped back in front of my house. I
secretly wished that something can stop us so I can be
stuck with him for hours, just to be standing next to him
and breathing the same air again. Then, I stood... in
front of my same house, with the same cold bed, and the
empty sheets. I looked back to him to memorize every
dimple of his face so I can have something to dream about.
Finally, walking to my door, I kissed him on the cheek and
thanked him with a smile. He looked at me, waiting for
me. My palms started sweating "I had a great time," Says
he. "Great time I had. Good ehh.. good times." I tilted my
head and smiled. "Sophie, I'd like to say that I'd like to
say to see you again and to say to see you...I mean, *sigh*
lame..." My heart beat twice. "Of course, dearest, we will
see each other again. Be a good little boy and mind your p
s and q's." He smiled wide and hesitation at it's best...
all I could say is "good-bye."


Until Next time,


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