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2001-06-03 03:38:30 (UTC)

hm unfinished.

i didnt want to let you know me.
but you pursued as if you were on a mission.
i never knew i could hurt this much.
and you never asked permission.

deep inside it feels like somethings gone.
maybe it was the fire in my eyes...
i never knew i was so alone.
until you comforted me with your lies.

no matter how much i think it over.
or how much i try to understand.
i dont comprehend why one person.
would do this to another, or how they can.

you took something beautiful and pure.
and crushed it, apatheticly.
you never even asked how it felt.
you never asked what it did to me.

is it because you didnt want to know.
or you were afraid youd understand.
is it, youre incapable of feeling.
or maybe...its that you can.

i wanted you to hurt.
i needed to see you cry.
i had so much pain.
and you didnt even try.

how could i be so nieve.
how could i be so nieve.

when did i ever give you
the power to hurt me.
why did YOU have the power
to see straight through me.

i told you i was strong.
and you told me i was wrong.
i knew i could do better.
you even told me the same.