Meshed Up
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2002-05-04 07:42:53 (UTC)


i knew i loved the night when i stepped out of the school
building and saw the silent lights twinkling in the
horizon. i welcomed the wind and the darkness that covered
my being.

it's 5.38pm. the sky is slowly becoming darker. it's that
time of the day again.

i am suffering from another headache because i've been
spending too much time trying to improve the adventure game
that i've created on the bloody computer for our college.
it's nothing big...just a quest to murder all the pop stars
out there...especially britney spears, the bloody person
who thinks she's not a girl and not a woman. so what is
she? a man? i knew it.

till here then. i'm going back to work. i'm thinking about
my black sheets again..and my goose feathers. hmmm. i wish
school was over. congratulations to thatmaskedman. you are
finally graduating from high school! =b

so i bid you all good evening for now. i'm getting back to