2002-05-04 07:20:21 (UTC)


I suppose I'll hit this thang up while I wait on my cover
to dry. I should have asked my mother to do it while I was
gone. Anyway, there was a lil party tonite. It was
straight. It was kind of a relapse from Senior Reception
because if the dj wasn't the black version of Tommy B.,
then he was definitely some kin to Earthquake. Other than
the bad choice of music, I had an alright time. I danced a
few times. Oh yeah, I ended up going with Joe and I picked
up Erika from work. When I went to Walmart to pick up a few
things, I ended up seeing Leroy. Lawd, he's got that mess
in his mouth. I'm so disappointed in him. I mean, I never
would have thought that he would conform w/ all those other
dudes. It kinda turned me off....not that I was looking to
be turned on or anything. I just think that kind of stuff
is ignorant and pointless. It's not like the boy had a
messed up grill.....he was perfect w/out it. That's just my
opinion though. I briefly talked to him when we were at the
party. I sorta wanted to see what he was going to do
afterwards, so that maybe he could swing my way and we
could chill.....BUT I had to tell myself that I wasn't in
any place to suggest that. It would have to be up to him.
Plus, when I last saw him, ole Scoop was getting in the car
w/ him......nevermind! But anyway, I also went to go
see "Little Shop of Horrors" at school today. It was really
good. Sometimes you look at people and know you are going
to see them on the big screen or hear them on the radio.
Well, I guess I'm about to head to the bed. I gotta work
from 12-4 tomorrow and we are going to be busy because of
college graduation.....GREAT!(being sarcastic) Love to love
you-xoxo *J*

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