lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-05-04 07:06:33 (UTC)


haha don't ask where this came from. rough night, i guess.

i live in the shadow of
all of my friends
they're all so beautiful
i've got split ends
i'm not as intelligent
not quite as buff
some liar told me
myself was enough

i struggle to say what
the people expect
my life story's stupid
and i've got regrets
you look down on me
get me drunk on your words
even your nightmares
are the best things i've heard

don't compare me
beauty and brains
beauty and brains
doesn't fit
and you are rarely
heard to complain
heard to complain
so is this it?

i'm out of the circle
cuz i'm still so square
i guess i could fit in
but i just don't care
you're naturally everything
you're just so whole
i still couldn't touch you
with a ten-foot long pole

i'm already small but
you still cut me down to size
there's nothing that kills me
like the look that's in your eyes
i won't be the best
even thought i'm not the worst
i'd rather just quit now
if i can't come in first