lindsay ann

somewhere in between
2002-05-04 06:43:35 (UTC)


haha i title them w/ numbers just to spite meghan

sometimes i just detest
this flesh that i infest
i've changed so much this year
but i'm still nowhere near
the place i want to be
cuz i still act like me
i think i'm gaining ground
but then i fall back down

and i've fallen
seven times at least today
you keep calling
urging me to go your way
and maybe i'll find out
that living this way is a waste
cuz i've scratched my eyes out
and i bear these scars on my face

i've broken promises
but i promise you this
i'll give you my whole life
if you let me do right
i don't think i can stand
the evil of my hands
i'm threatened by your will
and you invade me still