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2001-06-03 01:54:26 (UTC)

what anger can do to you

what can i say for myself well i could start by saying my
name is erin im 14 and i suffer from major deprestion i go
to counslers every week and the whole reason i wanted to do
this is to make people aware about things that people have
to live with today i am going to talk about anger
i know what you are thinking what can a 14 year old tell me
well all i can say is i have been through alot and you can
take what i say and use it or you can disregaurd it it is
your choice we all have felt anger inside some of us show
it some dont im going to talk about the ones who dont
thoses are the ones who bottle it up inside caz they feel
as if they have no control they are mostly kids who get
picked on or teased alot and feel like they can change any
thing or they are the girls who want to be poplaur so the
do any thing to make other people happy it is not good to
lock your anger in side of you when you do that you are
like a ticking time bomb that is just waiting to explode
the every little thing sets you off and you are just
waiting to for that moment when you can escape and you
consintrate on that then you start thinking about death and
sucide that is the road i took i learnd that sucide is a
perment anwcer for a temperary problem no matter how bad
you feel always rember that theyr are people that want to
help you and you sould talk to some one about how you are
feeling asap that is the best thing to do dont think people
are going to hate you for it and if you dont feel
comfortable talking with your parnts talk to a friend
you can write to me if you want i will not responed unless
it is very important im not here to chat just to inform and
sloppy kisses