sheesh ya fuck
2002-05-04 04:15:34 (UTC)


my head is throbbing from all the narrow tunnels ive came
apoun all in one setting i should just avoid them all
machines to display rust this is unkept i cant repair
frusterate at the maker this is why there is no faith your
reasoning makes me deaf..its this..the..the disease amoung
the not saying all..listen
a moment and you wont hear..shut your senses they are too
weak. modest in the eyes hes modest in the eyes but he
sees me in dreams.. ive been modest tonight i dont want to
know they come and go...zombies..stealing places with
death.its not right..and i know them..but i shield my
eyes..another temperature rised and hes bleeding on the
sheets your lighting is dull and i feel it fainting once
again tonight ill shoot you up inside..its not right and i
know. they do it again..cuz its closer to them..

we feel at home.