Ode to a psycho!HA!
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2002-05-04 04:10:13 (UTC)


ok, I'm finally so restless I can't stand it any longer. I
need someone, at this point I'd pretty much go with any of a
LARGE majority of people. I need sex. not necessarily sex,
but I need to be physical. Everything is provoking it. my
insomnia, the dreams I have when i do sleep. the humidity
making my jeans stick to the inside of my legs when I have
them crossed. taking a shower, talking on the phone, walking
down the god damned hallway, everything is some how connected
in my mind with sex. I want someone to slam me into a brick
wall, and just completely lettheir body press against me. I
want someone to kiss ME not the other way around. I want
someone to think my hair past my shoulders is something other
than a pain. I wan Nick, I don't know why. I am an idiot, but
ithink it's just because I'm comfortable with him, Hell, I
could have seen my self having sex with Joe the other day,
why i don't know why, I guess I'm just comfortable. I would
love to make out with luis just once. Just to see what the
rush would be, would there be a rush. I would LOVE to have
sex with brian, in MY bed. I WANT TO BE PUSHED. i want to be
scratched. I want someone to WANT to hold onto me so tight
their nails pierce my ribs. which you can feel through the
skin on my lower back. I want to contort my body into
positions I didn't even think were humanely possible. I want
to suck on a piece of ice and then bite someones neck. I want
someone to give me a FULL body massage. I want to feel like
for one moment in the universe time has stopped for ME. And
ulike alot of my friends who are CONSTANT flirts. I am
serious, and I will do ANYTHING to get what I want.