I'm a girl, not a band!!!
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2002-05-04 03:15:54 (UTC)

Lemonade game

Wow. I'm very bored. I'm sitting here playing the lemonade
game online. Went and saw the Angelina Jolie movie, Life
or Something Like It. Better than I expected. She looks
much better with dark hair than peroxide blonde. She is
the only woman that I want to sleep with. I think she's
gorgeous. Of course, I say this because I know it will
never happen, which is fine.

Welcome back to the land of diary owners Mackenzie! I
missed 'ya! I still need to fix my classes. That comes
Monday when registration opens again. Turns out I was
wrong, and classes start Tuesday, not Wednesday. Good
thing I looked. My dad is having a poker game. They're
just leaving now. I'm still bored.