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2001-06-03 00:50:38 (UTC)


Well, today was okay. At least I got to talk to Jess
today. We wrote some on the story we're writing for a
series of stories I write called The SIM Files. See, SIM
used to be virtual trail rides in a horse club chatroom,
but I've taken it to a whole new level. :) It's really hard
to understand, so I won't explain it. hehe.
I'm waiting for Joy to come on. It's 8:50 PM here (it's
5:50 PM where she is). She said she might be on tonight,
so I'm hoping, just hoping, that maybe she will.
Nothing really that important happened today. I stayed in
most of the day. My mom, my grandfather, and I had to go
to Sears in the mall to get a new battery for my mom's car,
but other than that, it's been uneventful. Mostly I've
justed listened to the radio today. I like country, pop,
and classic rock. My favorite singers are Celine Dion,
Brad Paisley, Terri Clark, Martina McBride, Mark Wills,
Collin Raye, Mark Chestnutt, Mark Lowry, Bev Lowry, and Ray
Boltz. My favorite groups/bands are Diamond Rio, 4Him,
Gaither Vocal Band, Point of Grace, BBMak, A*Teens, The
Well, it's storming out and my dog is going ballistic, so I
gotta go console her.

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