Product of a Broken Home
2002-05-04 02:51:37 (UTC)

Within You/Underground Con't

I haven't decided whether i want ppl to read into those
lyrics or not just yet..use discretion while viewing.

anyway, i'm so incredibly lacking of things to do, that i
just spent an hour and a half doing searches for various
Labyrinth related things.

i found:
-lyrics {obviously}
-pictures {quite a bit of very well drawn fan art}
-a copy of the script {this means another summer film
project, someone for the love of
david bowie, buy me a video camera}
-a copy of the novel! {there's my reading material taken
care of, screw oliver twist, that bio
on bowie, and the book on mescalin...}
-and, last, but not least...
Audience Participation Stuff!!!!!!!!!
{you may all be scared and worried now}

yeah, i am definately obbsessed with david bowie...

i really need a hobby, a real one...

i think i'm going to go attempt to draw something


[you remind me of the babe. what babe? the babe with the
power. what power? the power of voodoo. who do? you do. do
what? remind me of the babe. -kick some goblins-]