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2002-05-04 02:29:41 (UTC)

Special Gloves

hey hey...well i think tomarrow its gonna happen. im gonnna
lose my virginity. im scared. i mean.......yea. i dont
know. i want to do it really bad and im just i dunno like
its not the prospect of doing it its just i dont wanna get
pregnant and i dont wanna regret it later. i dont want to
be older and sitting there i wish i had
waited. i highly doubt that that will happen because i love
matt and i want him to be my first and i could potentially
see us getting married lol. i dont know bout that but i
cant see myself with ne one else. im just sitting here
making sure that its something that im ready for. i think
that i am..i mean im sure that i am. and i want it and matt
does. so yea. im just still scared. i guess every girl is
scared before their first time kinda thing. its a scary
thing..i mean...not to sound crude..but that BIG
thing..down THERE?!?!?! thats just insane lol. of course
that BIG thign lol is gonna be wearing a yea i
just i dunno..guess im just havin one of my many thinking
sessions. lol well im out peace.

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