The Life Of A Pre-Rock Star
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2002-05-04 02:09:38 (UTC)

May 4th....first entry...."My Dream"

Hello People,
Welcome to my little diary on the web. I have no idea
why I'm starting this project. Nor do I know who will read
it, but if you get off on it, well, that makes me a little
uncomfortable but whatever floats your boat. I suppose
this is where my introduction comes in.

My name is Scotty Psychotic and I am the lead singer
and guitarist of a punk band called "The Crotch Rockets". I
guess you'd say I'm a pretty crazy person and that I tend
live out the old cliche' of "Rock N' Roll Lifestyle". I
live a life that most people only have nightmares about.
(Or fantasys depending on who they are.) However, I've
enjoyed most of it so far and I'm glad that happiness
doesn't involved the amount of alchohol in a persons
bloodstream, cause I'd be pretty miserable right now. (For
the record, I'm sober.) I'm not really as crazy as that
sounds, however I tend to live life to it's fullest extent,
if I have an opprotunity to do something completely insane
I tend to take the chance and count my cookies afterward.

My band just got together about a month ago and so
far our progress is pretty damn good. I've always wanted
to be a musician, and I've finally decided to take the
steps toward getting there. So far the bands line up
includes me and my bassist Dusty. We are currently looking
for a drummer so if any of you freaks out there want to be
in a band and live in the SouthEast Kansas area, drop us a
line. We have written five songs so far, I know that sounds
pathetic but if you consider the fact that we did it in the
period of one weekend it's pretty damn good and I'm hoping
to have a website up momentarily.

I know that everyone is probably thinking that I'm
some kind of crazy lunitic and that life is one party after
another. Well, that's only half true. I usually drink
alone. Hey, here's a list of my idols.

Name: Sid Vicious (John Simon Ritchie)
Role: Bassist of The Sex Pistols
Sid found his girlfriend dead in the toilet after
waking up from herion induced sleep. He was charged with
murder but placed bail and died from an overdose before the
trial took place. R.I.P.

Name: Bon Scott
Role: Former Lead Singer Of AC/DC
Choked on his own vomit after passing out due to
alchohol. R.I.P.

Name: Jerry Garcia
Role: Lead Guitarist and Lead Vocals Of The Grateful Dead
Died of a drug overdose after being in rehab.
Apparently smoked a speedball and killed over. R.I.P.

Name: Kurt Cobain
Role: Lead Guitarist and Vocals of Nirvana
I think we all know how this guy died. After self
medicating himself for stomach pains with opiets he went
into a drug induced depression and commited suicide with a

Ok, there's ALOT more. I'll save them for some other
day though. Point is, I know that if I came into contact
with drugs or alchohol, I'd die for the simple fact that if
this shit is half as good as they make it sound, I'd be
hooked. But what the hell, I wanna be a rock star anyway.
Even if I have to do it completely sober.

I don't know if struggling to become a musician is a
lifelong dream or just a march of the Lemmings for most
people, but for me it's a love of music and life, and a
ticket out of the boredom that constantly surronds most of
America's young adults. Unfortunatly some see Rock N' Roll
as a way to die at the top and be remembered for the rest
of eternity. That's not the case with me. I've thought
about the reasons why I really want to become a rock star
and I've come up with some reasons and put them in a top
ten list. (No paticular order.)

#1. To mark my territory upon society. (Whether it's to
piss on today's society or to become a voice of a lost
generation is up to your own imagination.)

#2. To curb the driving need to create music.

#3. To curb the driving need to not be forgotten.

#4. My music could possibly mean more to people than I
could ever know.

#5. Getting away with anything and everything is always

#6. Creating controversy is one of my strongholds.

#7. While I live I'll be loved by many, hated by their
parents, and persecuted by critics.

#8. When I die I'll be known as a saint that never did
wrong. Critics will love me, parents will say I'm a good
influence, and my fans will have kids that will think I'm
yesterdays news.

#9. Rock Stars are todays version of philosophers. (Not
because it's a good idea, but that's just how curropt
society now is.)

#10. Rock Stars are like Kenny, they die in every episode
but you always find out that it was just a fluke and they
come back the next year with a platinum album.

That would be why. Note that girls and money appear
no where in the ten reasons I gave. Anyways, it's a dream
and I'm going to fufill it. One day this little diary will
be in a supermarket tabloid extravaganza.

I'm sick of writing for tonight. I'm going to go to
bed and get a job in the morning. See ya tommorrow.

-Scotty Psychotic