life as it is
2002-05-04 01:53:01 (UTC)


my head is spinning. I'm confused about so many things. I
mean I dont know about this whole K thing. She's just done
a lot of things to piss me off before...i mean shes
violated my trust so many times that I dont even know if I
want this to all work out in the end or not. God I just
dont know. I miss J, I really do. Maybe im just at that
point where I need play again. I like M, i want to tell him
that too. But I dont think that he feels the same way, and
it hurts, really it does. And besides P will tell him not
to get with me no matter what so theres nothing I can
really do about it. Its just so frustrating. Well I'm not
hanging out with him this weekend anyway. I thought a
weekend away from him would be good but its just making me
more confused that ever. We hooked up prom night too, it
was weird. Like he was reluctant sorta. and i mean UHGH.
why is there so much drama?