Bella Mari

Enigma of my soul, Darkness of my mind
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2000-12-24 06:36:51 (UTC)

Here I am adding my first entry..

Here I am adding my first entry into this public online
diary. I suppose that you want to know about me, and why I
have decided to go public with writing about my life, just
as others here have. I guess this is the only way that I
can truly express myself to others. The only thing I have
going for me is Timothy, my boyfriend. For almost a year
and a half he has been my motivation, my life and my
insperation to do other things. I have never loved anyone
as much as I do Tim. In the time that passes of my life I
feel like I miss things, but in reality I don't. I do not
like to be to passive and I do not like to be selfish. I
feel that selfishness and passivness should be used on
occassion, prefebly in situations where things are going
well except that you feel there should be more, like
Ah yes, Christmas well it will soon be. Just one more day
until most of us all go and tear open Christmas presents. I
do love Christmas, but this year I love it more because I
will get to spend it with Tim. It is better to be with him
and his family than with mine. Basically because in my
family everyone considers me the slave. I cook, I clean, I
do the laundry, wash the curtains, clean the windows, fix
the clothes in the closets and a lot more. You can even say
that I am a regualar Cinderella. That is quite fine because
I know when Tim and I get married and have children we will
make sure they have a better life than I did. I will not
make my children do what they do not want to do. I mean I
am 23 years old and still living at home is not helping
me. This year I plan on working to afford my own apartment,
that way I have more of a freedom like life and I can have
Tim stay with me on weekends and all that. Well, I shall
now go, it is very late and I need to sleep. Until tomorrow.

Celebrate Christmas well, and be safe.

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