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2001-06-02 23:13:24 (UTC)

better day

well the weather today is beautiful and it was a busy
day,Spent time with the kids and we went bowling and that
is fun,my son asked his friend to go,jr and his girl joined
us.We always have fun bowling.Went food shopping we are set
till next payday.Had my moments thinking about hubby,but
then i remeber how he just abandoned me and the kids
emotionally and physically and hasn't had the decentcy to
call us and let us know how he is or if he is ok.21yrs...I
will never understand.Actually there is a guy online who is
very understnading,I will take it very slow ,he seems to be
a very nice guy.Time will tell.I am still saying my prayers
keeping the faith.
Well we have church tomorrow and lots to do to get ready
for work.I am trying so hard not to be angry with hubby,i
know god will make him awnser for what he is doing how and
when god only knows.I have to be strong and go on,keep
myself and my kids happy and healthy...rearranged my
bedroom,it is now my room and not that much in
memories.well thats it for today..Bye

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