~***~AngelBaby's Journal of Reflecti
2000-12-24 06:10:51 (UTC)

Well I did end up going back..

Well I did end up going back down to Mass. this weekend.
Spent the night over Eric's. It was a blast, we watched
movies, the cartoon network, ordered pizza, and played
Magic. As one of my friends say, "It was mad fun." I dunno
what's up with us or what will be up with us. Especially
after last night. Hanging out with him last night more or
less confirmed what I already knew. I'm falling for him, in
spite of trying otherwise. I just wish that it could be
mutual. I dunno, maybe one of these days I'll get lucky and
it will be, but who knows?
Anyway, he admitted to me today when we chatted on IM when
I got back here (home) that he has a medium crush on me,
and that he wishes that he could have a mega super crush
(or whatever, not exactly those words) on me, and that he
feels jerky about what did happen last night.
Of course, me feeling the constant need to play the good
friend, told him not to worry about it, that I didn't
really hope or expect that his feelings for me would change
in anyway. Okay, so maybe I WAS hoping...I was hoping like
crazy, and I'm still hoping that he will...but I definitely
didn't expect it. I know I'm not so lucky. Of course, I
really dunno what else I could have said...I don't think
that me blurting out, "I think that I'm falling for you!"
would go over too well. *SIGH* But at least I know that,
should he ever get over this girl, that I might actually
stand some kind of chance. That's a bit of a comfort...I