2002-05-03 23:11:46 (UTC)

Frontier House and My House

I've still only seen the first episode of this program. The
other two are taped and I'm waiting for a time when John and
I can watch it together. That will probably happen sometime
next week. I hope.

I have read posts on this program people have written to
several different lists I'm on. What I've heard over and
over again is that they spent a lot of time on the bickering
between the families and the marital difficulties of
one couple. I was hoping they'd spend more time on their
daily lives. I think this is part of the new reality shows
that seem so popular. Competing, people complaining about
each other and how the others weren't playing fair when they
were. The usual childish, stupid stuff; petty, petty, petty.
Maybe we can just fast forward those parts of the tape.
We are at the beginning of a complicated week-end. It's
complicated more by the fact that John worked graveyard last
night and he's working graveyard again tonight. Let's
see....Gavin needs to mow the lawns this morning
because he won't be here this afternoon and evening and it's
supposed to rain tomorrow. Gavin and Hugh have haircuts at
12:30 p.m this afternoon and they have to go to Eugene after
that. John has to get back to go to work again and in the
few hours he has in town he needs to--get the clothes
and shoes Hugh needs to go to the prom, pick up Gavin's
glasses and bring Gavin to Jessica's dorm so he can go to
her house this evening when her parents come to pick them
up. Meanwhile I have to bake a couple of pies; one for us
and one for Owen. I haven't been able to find rhubarb so
he's getting cherry. Poor baby!

Tomorrow morning, while John's sleeping, I'll go to
Corvallis and buy the corsage for Heidi, do a little grocery
shopping, and go to the library to pick up my books. Then
I'll bring Owen his pie and spend the afternoon with
him. This is Mom's week-end at Oregon State so there will
be lots of other kids and moms around. I know I'll bring
him out to lunch anyway and I don't know if he has anything
else planned.

Things will ease up a bit on Sunday. Everyone will be home.