Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-05-03 22:50:37 (UTC)

Get A Grip Of Yourself, It Don't Cost Much.

Well, a new low has been reached in the 'XX How Low Can
Your Marks Go Whilst You Think You've Been Niged?'
survey....the winner is....ME! I thought my M.E.L. was
alright, not too bad, at least acceptable, but it turns out
I was badly mistaken. It turns out that 30! 30! was all it
deserved. I can't excuse it, it was a bad piece of work -
but I don't know quite WHY, quite WHAT was missing -
unfortunately the lecturer wasn't in today, so I couldn't
find out - but I do need to rectify it before the exam. I
need to get about 70 to get it even up to a 2:2 - and
that's really not as high as it ought to then, will
I ever be on top of this my life what I hoped
for? Yes.

I've enjoyed it this far, am enjoying myself more and more,
am gaining wisdom and friendship and love all the way, and
more excitingly, am carving out a very profitable future
for myself, and hopefully another generation.

Seeing 'Teachers' - or the video of the one I missed on
Wednesday, brought it all into perspective. If my life
becomes boring, if I become unhappy being me, I can always
change it, and it doesn't take a lot. Luckily...I think
luckily, all my roots seems free enough that wherever I am
I can keep to them, keep myself both free and rooted, and
thus happy.

Am I not making sense any more - least the
Grammar can't be the problem, I just took a unit in....DOH!

Love you all!

WILT? Oasis - Its Good To Be Free (On Whatever
EP.....loving it!)