U think u know, but u have no Idea
2002-05-03 22:49:21 (UTC)


sorry guys I just gotta vent,
I think that red white and blue is a great idea for the new
money (even though it would be in the best interest of
americans' wallets to keep it green) but why does
everything go back to 9/11. True it was a horrific and very
sad thing, but y do we dwell on it. In third world
countries that many people
(mostly children) die EVERYDAY! We act like it's the
freakin end of the world when one disaster happends. DO NOT
INTERPREAT ME WRONG. I am NOT saying 9/11 was good or ok,
it was bad.....very bad, but we americans need to move on.
We act like we're the center of the Universe, and what goes
on in other countries has no affect on us and we could care
less. Well when something happends to us, we are asking
them for their aid in helping us capture Bin
Laden (I hope we find him and he burns in hell). But I just
wanna say, to all Americans (I am one,lol) that we need to
look around, how come soo many countries have a deep hatred
for us??? 9/11 was the worst thing to happen to our
generation, and I hope all the families who lost a loved
one can go on, and I send my condolences, but damn guys, we
are a lil self-envolved.
well hope I didn't offend anyone,lol
ttyl diary

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