Thoughts from Blue Angel
2001-06-02 22:35:18 (UTC)

It's Been a While

I haven't been here much in the past few weeks because I haven't
felt like writing all that has been going on. Just to keep this up
to date though, I'll give a short summary of what's happened. On May
17, my dad died- while I was at graduation practice. The funeral was
in the morning on May 19. My graduation was that night. I went a
few days ago to register for classes for next year.

I could probably say a million things about each of these events.
In fact, they are some of the most dramatic changes I will ever go
through in my life- and all at the same time. Nevertheless, I
won't. I still feel that numbness, and it keeps me from feeling or
thinking a whole lot.

I've been getting things ready for college, even though there are 2
months before I move out. I just can't help it. I'm so excited! I
figure that getting a head start won't hurt anything anyway.

One thing I'm not excited about as far as college goes is that fact
that I'm still way too big! It was so not cool going to orientation
with so many little bitty girls. I have to lose some weight before

Anyway, I've done enough rambling for one day. Maybe my next entry
will be a little more interesting than these past few have been.

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