the life of me
2002-05-03 21:40:02 (UTC)

May 3, 2002

sometimes i just wonder why i things just don't seem to
work out for me. here i am, i've got everything going for
me... and i could get a guy if i really wanted to... i'm
talented, not ugly, smart, and a nice person. but i've
gotta be stuck on the ONE GUY that i can't have! *sigh* i
saw him talking to her today, deanne that is, and i wanted
to cry. luckily kris and dave were there. : this whole JP
thing's gettin way out of hand too. i can't believe they
want to impeach him! :( sure, i'll admit that he hasn't
done the best job.. but he's done better than most people
could! and even so, laziness is not a reason for
impeachment! :( i feel awful for him... hearing all those
things that people are saying about hime... it's gotta be
hard. and then w/ his mom sick and his dad on that magician
tour thing... poor guy :( aww... poor JP!:(
:( :(. lauryn went home sick today... on her BIRTHDAY!!! :
it just hasn't been a good day. but i'm goin to the movies
w/ some 114 guys. dave, kris, and jackson are gonna come
pick me up soon and we'll go! YAY! i can't wait! :) :) :)
! i have SO MUCH FUN w/ them. i always forget about all my
problems. ya know, i was just thinking that jackson's the
only guy i've been this close to without having feelings
for. WOW! *crosses fingers* hope i didn't jinx it! lol.
yea, that'd be great... hey you, senior who's leaving for
college in 3 months... wanna be my boyfriend?!? LOL! NOT!!
although russ seems to think that's what's gonna happen.
*rolls eyes* if only he knew. i had a long conversation w/
JR last night. we talked about a lot of stuff. i don't know
why i tell him all the things that i do. maybe because,
unlike everyone else, he listens without commenting on
every little thing. russ does that too. just listens. i
love it. i always feel special. anyways, i guess i'd better
get going. i need to take a nap before we go see SPIDER
MAN! lol YAY! ttyl. much love! bye~!