~ViXeN~'s *DiArY*
2001-06-02 21:15:13 (UTC)

Happy Day!!@

Hey, It's me ~ViXeN~

Im so happy!! School is just about out, summers almost
here, Im turning 16 in three weeks and ill be able to start
driving haha, also this incredible guy likes me, we've
liked each other for quite a while, but i havent wanted to
go out with anyone right now, so i told him i'd go out with
him next year and he is completely fine with it, he said
he'd wait for 5 years if he had too. Oh well hes so
sweet. Last night was so awful, i was supposed to go to
this party but then my friends couldnt get out there till
nine so i didnt wanna go before them so i waited and then
they couldnt even get out there anytime. I was so mad at
them, my parents then proceeded to tell me that i couldnt
go out at all that night. I was seriously thinking about
running away...but i didn't and i'm not even mad at my
parents anymore. I've got to go and take my resumes in to
some stores this week..I need to get a summer job, and
saveup for a car.. haha
Anyways i don't really have to much to talk about right now

~*Peace Out*~