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2000-12-24 05:30:07 (UTC)

*December 23* Dear Diary, ..

*December 23*
Dear Diary,
Omg...what another awful night last night!. Gracious
where do i begin?? Last night i found out that Austin likes
some 7th grade chick...Mallory Scott. *n* soon im sure they
will start going out...i cried when i found out...not long
though. I mean i felt kind of over it...but i know im not.
Im physically over it, but emotionally...nuh*uh. THats
gonna take quite awhile! I will prolly always be upset
about it...ESPECIALLY if they go out...ohh gahh i cant
picture it..dont wanna picture it...UgH! And i think she is
one of them jealous types. I mean cause me *n* austin have
a weird friendship relationship...like i said
before...everyone thinks we are going out. Well her being
jealous better not change how he acts towards me. I know he
wont be as...umm i guess you would say...open or whatever
but we better still be good friends!...otherwise Katie is
gonna be PiSsEd!
*Love Always*

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